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shannon [userpic]

new blog

March 31st, 2007 (10:21 pm)

So I don't really use livejournal that much anymore. However, I have been writing in another blog for awhile. That address is:


I may come back to using this at some point, but for now, I seem to be enjoying the other one more.

How everyone is doing well!!!

shannon [userpic]

its been quite a long time...

December 2nd, 2006 (04:42 pm)
current song: powerless-nelly frutado

So wow, I suck at updating. Big suprise. My last update was right after my car accident. So long story short, my semester was badish. I didn't have a car until right before Thanksgiving, which was no fun at all. My classes have been hard and taken up a ton of my time. But everything got better the week before Thanksgiving. First of all, the weekend before that my Dad and sister had brought down a new car for me. That mad me extremely happy. Then that Wednesday I got offered the internship with Senator Levin for next semester, which is so amazing and I'm so excited about it! That means that I'm moving to DC for January-May and living with my Aunt. So I have an amazing internship that will hopefully assist me in actually get hired with my just my Bachelors (I don't want to go to grad school right away), and also I don't have to take any classes next semester. It finally makes me feel like I may in fact be starting a real life of some sorts, which is great.

So the Thanksgiving holiday was nice. Pretty calm, did dinner with my family at my parents friends house, then went over to Meghans for another one. Did some shopping, hung out with Meghan a lot. Saw Kelly and Megan some too. Drove back down here Sunday night. This week has been nice too. Amy and I decided not to renew our lease at this apartment, because were living with different people next year, so Danielle, Christina and I started looking for places on Wednesday. The first day we looked at some condos, some that we close to campus and iffy, and others that we far away and really really nice. So we decided to look at houses. So Thursday, at first we looked at these three houses and were not something I would live in, ever. Then we went to this 4th one that was PERFECT. We both loved it, and then Christina came the day after and loved it too. Its on South Dunn by Bryant Park, probably like a 15 minute walk from the Law School. It was built only 2 years ago, so its got new appliances, and new washer and dryer. The house has 3 bedrooms, a huge laundry room, then big kitchen and then living room and dining room, 1.5 baths, and had all wood floors except in the kitchen and bathroom, and its really open. Theres a huge deck off of the back, which is great cause we want to get a grill and stuff. So we put in the applications yesterday afternoon and were going to sign the lease on Monday afternoon. I'm so excited for next year!!!!

So yeah, I've got 1 more week of classes and then finals to go, then I'm done for the semester. I pretty much have to finish a huge paper for my V450 Elections Law class today/tomorrow (the final is optional and I have an A so I'm not taking it! YES), write a paper on Deaf education for ASL150, and finish an astronomy project. Then my finals week I have my ASL Receptive exam on Monday morning, my Y383 Political Thought exam Tuesday morning, then Con Law and Astronomy on Thursday afternoon/evening. Then Friday I'm working in the morning, then heading down to Lexington in the evening for Emily's wedding. The wedding isn't until Saturday evening, but Kari booked the hotel for Friday and Saturday nights so that works. I'm really excited cause its sounds like its going to be a big Foster Shea reunion, cause me, Kari, Megan, Steph, Christy, Shannon, and of course Em are all going to be there. It should be a really good time. Then on Sunday I'm driving back to Bloomington, packing the stuff I need for the semester, and driving home Monday morning for the holidays. I might to going to Chicago to see Lisa after Christmas, but I'm not sure. Then I'm heading to DC on the Friday before Martin Luther King Day.

K, well I've got a paper to work on before the I go to the basketball game tonight. Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful insight into my life! Haha.

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bad times

September 20th, 2006 (03:51 pm)
current location: Grosse Pointe, MI

So my week has pretty much been hell on Earth, and I am in no way exagerating. So I woke up Monday morning, everything was fine, other than it was raining. Went to sign language, went to work, and got on the X bus to the stadium at around 1:15. I saw my friend Caitlin on the bus, and she told me that she was going to walk home from the stadium, and it was still raining, so I offered her a ride once we got to my car. So I dropped her off, and turned left at the end of her street, and completly missed the stop sign at the next intersection. I don't know if it was the rain, or the trees, or something, but I looked for a stop sign and I just didn't see one. So I go through the intersection, get hit really bad on the passenger side near front wheel, and all I remember is being pushed to the left, and onto the sidewalk and up into this garden thing, by these apartment buildings. So I get out of the car, and with the exception of bruises and a bump on the other girls head, everyone is fine. Not so much with the cars. Mine is most likely totaled, although there going to see if it can be fixed. I'm not even sure about hers, the insurance company is taking care of all of it. She was suppose to call me if she had any medical problems and I have yet to get a call, so I'm assuming the everything is fine with her. I just have a lot of bruises, all over my chest and near my waistline from the seatbelt. I don't really remember a lot of what happened at the accident, just that I called Caitlin and she came and toke all of my license and registration and stuff and gave it to the cop, and then they asked me what happened and stuff. Then I remember the tow people. And then we walked to Caitlins house, and she drove me home. I had already freaked out to my mother over the phone for awhile, and I just needed to not be there right now. I booked a one way flight for the that night, threw stuff in my suitcase, and my neighbors, Heather and Amy, drove me to the Indy airport. I got home at 11pm, and then took some sleep medicine and went to sleep.

So I'm going to be at home until Sunday when my mom is driving me back. I emailed all of my professors and they were all fine with me missing class during this week. I don't know, I just felt like I couldn't handle things at that moment and I just needed to go home. And I probably looked like the biggest nut on the planet by just booking a flight and leaving, but I needed too. I just did. I haven't really talked to anyone in a few days, besides my family, Lisa and Meghan. But I'm fine and the girl from the other car is fine and thats all that matters. I'm hoping that they can fix my car, but I have huge doubts. The airbags deployed, which is usually a sign that it is pretty much dead, but we'll see. If not, my mother says that there going to look at used cars with the insurance money I'll get on the other car, but who knows what'll happen. I just have to see how the insurance stuff is going to work out.

So I've got some homework to do, and I have to pick up my sister at North. But I hope everyone has had much better weeks then me.

shannon [userpic]

almost starting class

August 24th, 2006 (09:02 am)
current location: Louisville, KY

Well, I moved into my apartment in Bloomington on Sunday and Monday. Its a nice apartment, even though the kitchen could use some updating. But I'm excited about living there and atually using all of this awesome stuff that I have bought over the past couple of monthes. I've been in Louisville since Monday afternoon, and I'm driving back in a little bit. Its been a fun time here. My sister and I have spent most of the time swimming in the backyard or shopping. On Monday night we went down to 4th Street Live, which is downtown by the Seelbach (its a famous hotel, the one in the movie Elizabethtown). We had dinner down there and walked around. Its a really cool area, with tons of places to eat and shop. We had fun. Last night we all went out to eat at Buca de Bepos, which is almost one of my favorite places to eat.

So today when I get back, my dad is going to help me move some of my stuff that I've bought down here in, and then their going to leave. I'm not sure if I'll see them before Thanksgiving (even though I'm going to try not to come home before then, but who knows what'll happen). Then I'm moving my mini fridge to Lisa's apartment, cause she wants it and I don't need it. I'm so excited to see Lisa, cause I haven't seen her since May, so that should be fun. Then this afternoon is for unpacking my room. The rest of the week should be pretty relaxing. My cable is getting installed on Saturday, and then I have an all day work meeting on Sunday. Other than that, I'm going to be reviewing my Sign Language so I remember something before I start it up again.

I'm kind of excited for classes to start. I have an ok schedule, so hopefully it'll be a good semester. I hope everyone has had/will have pleasant move-ins and a good beginning of the semester!

shannon [userpic]


August 20th, 2006 (06:29 am)
current location: Grosse Pointe, MI

Back to Bloomington today. So long summer...

shannon [userpic]


July 29th, 2006 (03:30 pm)
current location: washington DC

I have to say that I don't mean to go this long without updating this thing, I just don't really have much to say or have very much time when I'm just at home and working. I've been in DC for the last 5 days visiting my cousins and have been having a really good time. I really hope that I get the internship and am here spring semester. That would be amazing. I just love it, just the whole atmosphere. We went down to Georgetown today and shopped for awhile and I had a really good time. I hope everyone has been having a good summer!

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20th birthday/4th of july!

July 4th, 2006 (05:54 pm)
current location: grosse pointe, mi
current song: galileo-indigo girls

So I've been a little lax in keeping up my writing on here, but I've had a pretty busy summer. I've been working at BSD&D for about a month, doing filing and messanger runs around downtown Detroit. Its an ok job, nothing to spectacular, but it pays a good amount so I like that. My birthday (the 3rd) was awesome! The night before I went out to dinner at Andiamos Lakefront with my family and opened presents. I got a very nice pearl necklace (so I don't have to wear one of my moms), some pearl earrings, and another pair of silver earrings, and then some exciting stuff for my apartment, such as pots and pans and various kitchen utensils. Let me tell you of my sheer joy when I opened up a knife set. It was just phenominally exciting. But atleast I won't have to buy that stuff for myself. Also, my parents are buying all of my furniture, which is great! So I was defintly a happy birthday girl! Yesterday, on my actually birthday, I went out to breakfast with Kelly, and watched Entourage (GREAT SHOW!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!!!) and then drove up to Port Huron to spend time with Meghan on her day off. Her whole family extended family was at her cottage, so we just chilled at the beach for awhile and then went out to eat, came back and had cake (it was her cousins birthday also) and then her uncle, who gives charity concerts and is really really good, set up all his equipment and sang on the beach.

So it was an overall very good day. I was so happy just driving home and watching all the fireworks going off last night down 94. It made me think that, although there are lots of crappy spots in life that everyone has to go through, sometimes life just has perfect moments that we need to reflect on. Sure I had some pretty shitty times during my teenage years, along with some really good times, but now there over with. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that I really make something of my life during my 20's. Cause I know if I focus myself that I can do some pretty amazing things.

So happy 4th of July to everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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May 27th, 2006 (05:48 pm)
current location: Grosse Pointe, MI
current mood: calm
current song: the long way around-dixie chicks

I haven't written in here in awhile, since I came back to GP for the summer. Things have been ok here, my life is just dragging on. I had a fabulous time in Tucson with Meghan. We stayed with her Aunt Mary Claire, and her partner Connie, and pretty much just hung out for a week. My tan was pretty non-substantial when I got back to MI, but I didn't care, I still had a wonderful time. Since I've been home things have kind of been boring. In the past couple of days, I've decided that instead of waiting around for that internship to come to me, I'd take the job offer from my dad's law firm to work for them, 9-5 Monday-Friday at $12 an hour. I can say that I'm really excited about the prospect of making that much money in one summer, plus having the flexibility to still take the vacations (Chicago to visit Lisa, DC to visit my cousins, and Toronto with my sister) that I planned on.

Recently I've really been into just spending time by myself and with my sister. I haven't seen Meghan as much as I would have liked to because of her jury duty (for Wayne County, she's been on an assult case all week) and also cause she's at CHA (riding/teaching cert.) at BR this weekend. I've spent alot of time either cleaning my room or buying stuff to improve it. I bought a bunch of picture frames and wall picture collage things, plus I also got tons of organizational stuff for my closets. I can finally say that both of those closets in my room are completly cleaned out and organized, which they haven't been in like 10 years. Today I also bought a desk for my room at school! I need to buy a crap load of other furniture still, like a bed, a dresser, a book shelf, a TV stand, plus stuff for our living room and dining room, but atleast its a start. I need to talk to Amy soon so we can start hashing out exactly what each of us is going to buy.

The rest of the summer is going to be pretty much the same. Most of my friends are leaving to go do their stuff for the summer within the next couple weeks, so there'll only be a few people at home. I don't think I'm going to take that class at Oakland, because the thought of driving downtown each morning at 8ish, then driving all the way from downtown to Rochester for a 3 hour math class just doesn't sound appealing at all. So I think that I'll take it maybe next summer or maybe during senior year. Whatever, its not like I'm that in a rush with it you know. So I'll pretty much just work for BSDD and perhaps volunteer for Granholm a bit, and then go away a lot of the weekends. It'll be a nice summer hopefully.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer so far and that you all have a good time with whatever your doing!

shannon [userpic]


May 4th, 2006 (11:29 pm)
current location: Bloomington, IN
current mood: an emotional mess...

So I'm most definetly an emotional mess right now. I don't want to leave. I don't know what I'm doing? I have been having such a good time here recently and I really don't feel that its neccessary for me to leave for the summer. I was at Emily's tonight, and after I dropped Steph off at her apartment I just lost it. I'm going to miss Bloomington so much. Tomorrow when I leave on my long ride home, its going to be so much different than last year, I'll probably start crying again. Last year I was so happy when we just got on 37 headed to Indy, and I practically kissed the ground at the Michigan Welcome Center rest stop. But this year, I don't know whats there for me in GP. But I'll guess we'll see. GP tomorrow, for 4 long months...

Goodbye B-town, see you in August.

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April 27th, 2006 (06:25 pm)
current location: Bloomington, IN
current mood: happy

So I'm done with classes for the semester! No all I have is finals, and then Friday morning I'll be driving myself up to GP for the summer. I haven't decided which day yet. So today has been kind of nice. Not to hot, not to cold. I love that kind of weather. I had my War class, then e162, then I went out to lunch with Lisa, then I had Judicial Politics, then I went and got a pedicure. I tried a new nail place, cause the other one sometimes has awfully long lines, and this place didn't have a line so it was nice. Relaxing, and thats for sure what I need to reward myself after this semester. Next week I have 4 finals. I have my sign language written exam on Monday morning at 8am. This is the one where he signs to us, and we just have to write what he's saying. That shouldn't be bad at all. Tuesday evening, I have my e162 final at 5, and then my judicial politics one at 7:15. Then I'm working, and studying. Thursday morning is my HUGE war class final. I am so nervous about it, but I'm hoping it all goes ok. I guess on Thursday I'll have to move all of my stuff to the storage area with Amy. Then I'll leave here really early on Friday morning. I'm stopping in Fort Wayne to go to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, which just happens to be going on the weekend I'm going driving right by Fort Wayne! So lucky, cause I for sure heart Vera Bradley.

Well I'm going to get. I need a nap before OC night with everyone at Emily's. I hope everyone has good luck on their finals!

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